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FAQ's for Electronic Reference Products

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I am experiencing technical difficulties with my machine
After checking and changing the batteries if necessary gently, press the 'RESET' button on the back of the unit.
My LCD screen is broken - can it be repaired?
Customer damage such as broken screens are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
My LCD screen is malfunctioning - only part of the pixels are functioning
Providing that the machine is still under warranty then it can be replaced, depending on the circumstances. Please return the machine to our Service Department [SUKL, Vanwall Road, Maidenhead, SL6 4UW] together with all the relevant paperwork and proof of purchase. We will assess the unit and advise you accordingly.
My LCD screen is fading or is too dark?
First try adjusting the contrast. You will find instructions on how to do this in your instruction Manual. If the screen is still fading then this can be symptomatic of low power supply. Try replacing the batteries, resetting if necessary and readjusting the contrast. You will find the battery requirements and details in your instruction manual.
I have lost my Instruction Manual
You can download a PDF copy from the SUPPORT section of this site.
How long does my warranty last?
All Seiko products are covered by a 12 month warranty. Please see your User Manual for conditions. Please ensure you retain your receipt so if your product does develop a fault you can return it to us within the warranty period.
Where can I purchase batteries?
Batteries can be obtained from all good High Street retailers. Battery requirements are detailed in your instruction manual.
The display shuts-off after 2 or 3 minutes?
The Auto-Shutoff function turns the product off after 2~3 minutes of inactivity to preserve the battery life.

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